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Perhaps this year you’ve experienced a lot of heartaches. You may sometimes feel lost and don’t understand why things happened, why people break your heart, why someone leaves, why someone turns their back, and why your plans failed. Perhaps you spend most of your days in your room praying and asking God to give you more patience, hope, faith, and love. But I admire your courage to stay kind in this broken world. I admire you for standing still even though you’re breaking already. Your heart is one of a kind, I hope there are more people like you.

You’re just in a season and it’s just a chapter of your story; better days are coming. You can try again, allow yourself to fail and make mistakes and learn from them. Maybe those painful days are just preparation for the new path ahead. God wants you to be patient, to be more loving, to put your faith and trust in Him alone. The wilderness is a training field so you’ll be more equipped in the next season. He’s preparing your character for His blessings. He’s looking inside of you, your intentions and motives behind your actions. He’s purifying your heart so He can use you with humility, perseverance, passion, and kindness. Your tears already watered the seed of goodness you have planted and you’ll reap the fruits of it in His time.

Perhaps you also need to let go of the people and the things which no longer serve a purpose in your life. I know it’s hard to let go and move forward with uncertainties, not knowing if there would be better than before. Surely, God has better plans for you. He who promised is faithful, He always gives himself so you’ll be satisfied in Him. You can have as much of Jesus as you want; He never leaves you.

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Better days are coming. You’ll make it. You will be healed. Your prayers will be answered. You won’t be enough most of the time and that’s okay because God is more than enough. Let Him fill your emptiness so you can experience His fullness. Set your eyes upon Him and you’ll see a million miracles each day that you haven’t noticed. Look around and you’ll see His favor and provision for you.

Better days are coming. There are blessings behind the uncertainties. At times you don’t need to understand, you just keep the faith and move forward. The more you believe, the more you realize that this life is just a matter of faith. Keep planting seeds of goodness; keep persevering, keep hoping, keep loving, keep forgiving, keep seeking, keep believing, keep praying and keep dreaming. One day you won’t notice you’re already there in the place you hope to be. Your obedience brings reward in His time.

God has something in store for you and your name is written on it and no one can get it from you. There’s more in Him and more in life. Trust Him and keep the faith, better days are coming.

Surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off.

Proverbs 23:18

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