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Heart Matters

Lasting Change..

Better Me..

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All of us wants a lasting change in ourselves, in our situation, in our family, in our work place, in our community, in our Church, in our country etc., ang hirap mag bago diba??
Hindi sya biro…

But for lasting change to happen, Jesus consistently reminded us that our hearts need to change first. Friends our “Hearts need to be change FIRST”.
Solomon stated this principle powerfully in Proverbs 4:23 stating, “Above all else, guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.”

In counseling if you are going to counsel effectively, you need to carefully consider how reaching the heart determines many aspects of the counseling process. Careful counseling accurately defines the heart and addresses how our hearts function in three distinct way.

Emotions – Our heart is the source of what we desire and feel. (Psalm 37:4-5)
Thoughts – Our heart influences every thought we think. (Matthew 9:4)
Behavior – Our heart guides every action we take. (Matthew 15:19)

No mater what theory or philosophy, seeks to address a combination of feelings, thoughts, and actions. All of them focus their efforts on addressing disordered emotions, negative thought patterns, and problematic behavior etc.
Yet, without a biblical understanding of the heart, the end result is often to create better functioning rebels who are independent from God rather than dependent on Him.

Because the heart is the source of true and lasting change, our life reflect the condition of our life.

Our faith is the key to engaging our desires, thoughts, and actions.
Jesus sought to increase faith in of those who were broken to help them find wholeness in Him.
Jesus transformed hearts by increasing their faith. Think about how often Jesus said “Your faith has made you whole” in the Bible.

When you are seeking to help someone whose thoughts, desires and actions reflect the brokenness of this world, you must interact with their heart and faith.

The Scripture leads us to the Redeemer who restores the hearts of all who faithfully seek Him.
We should not try to change hearts on our own, but bring ourselves and lead others to the One who can change and heal broken hearts.

My dear your heart matters to God, He is waiting for you.


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