I prayed to God — to show me a reason to get going. I prayed earnestly, for a sign to make me believe that there is more in life than these passive, tiring yet lonesome days that I have. 

And so He did. He led me to you. 

A person whose colours shine bright to my dull hues. 

A person whose words of wisdom clear my hazy thoughts on my boring life.

A person who pulled me out of my shell to let me witness the beauty of His creations.

Beautifully different and yet, I grew a connection to that person.

To you, who gives me this lovely blush on cheeks whenever I’m with him.

To you, who listens as I voice out the thoughts I was once scared of saying. 

And to you, who encouraged me to count myself as one of those beautiful creations of Him above.

You found me when no one even bothered to look for me, as if the heavens whispered you this mission for you to fulfill.

My cheeks felt warm as I write my feelings into these words. As these feelings in me swell day after day, I whisper yet another prayer — that He bless me the strength to become the person who’s worthy of your love. I would love to be the person who can stand beside you, equally exhibiting a heart of goodness, patience and trust. To be the person who can inspire you more. To be person you would run to when things go south. I pray to be your person.

I may not be as great as you are.. I still have these dull hues, doubts on life and little bits of insecurities, but dear, my humble heart still fervently prays for you and me.

So as I enjoy the answered prayer that God has given me, please let me continue praying for us to be.