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I am not a believer of love at first sight.

People don’t share lifetime stories in their first meet. They don’t walk the long road together for hours only to keep each other company in their first eyeball. They don’t text each other good morning, good night, and I love yous in their first encounter. They don’t write each other’s get well soon cards and valentines cards in their first contact.

They don’t argue over simple things such as being late in their first cross. They don’t hold hands to tame the demons inside each other’s head in their first reach. They don’t tell each other how happy they are with their day by day achievements in their first touch.

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They don’t take part in each other’s decision when it comes to their career or even in simple things like what to wear in their first connection. They don’t dance into moonlights to share each other’s childhood stories in their first rendezvous.

Love takes time to know one person.

It doesn’t happen in just a flash or mere attraction. It comes from the walks, the talks, and the experiences we share together. It is telling them your wildest dreams and they’re not laughing. It is allowing them to enter your walls without breaking it.

I don’t believe in love at first sight, because after all, we don’t fall in love with faces.

(Photo captured from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo)

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