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1. Traveling is an adventure!

The travel itself is an adventure. It’s the greatest experiment! Going to places you’ve never been to, hearing the unfamiliar names of towns or streets you even can hardly enunciate, checking maps on how to get to a place, asking random people about where to go, and getting lost are what make traveling a one big adventure. There is always that excitement you feel rather than the stress. The destination is just a bonus.

2. New place means new story to tell.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Life is short and the world is wide. Every place will give you insights, every person you meet and his story will become your story to tell. You’ll definitely be surprised at how different things are there from yours and that’s one after another story to share : mere things like how their immigration works, how fast their train is, how costly the food is there. The best thing when you share your stories to others is that you inspire your listeners to go there and experience the place themselves.

3. Traveling is an accomplishment.

Traveling makes you realize that DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Perhaps, you are one of those who daydreamed about going to HongKong or Paris, places that you only see in your textbooks and postcards? It may seem impossible but when you work hard for it, it will be realized. Start saving and inspire your self to tick this place off your bucket list!

4. Traveling could be life-changing.

Traveling can lead to breakthroughs!
A simple “hi” and “hello” with “once” a stranger could lead to exhange of “I do’s” with your happy ever after. A first time ride on a roller coaster could mean NEVER AGAIN?(haha). A picture perfect view could make you want to pursue photography. You will never know how traveling can change your life, the sky is the only limit.

5. Traveling is educational.

Every place’s culture, language, and lifestyle is a food for thought. It will widen your view about the world and appreciate its diversity.

6. Traveling is stress-relieving.

It’s a sweet escape from reality when reality means stress at work or stress at almost everything! A quick break can help you regain energy and recharge your life battery!

7. To travel is to live!

Travel will eventually become a way of life instead of something you do. It’s something that you buy but makes you richer! Travel because you can!
“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”� – Henry Miller

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