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We might have thought about giving up a thousand times already.

Failures and rejections are overwhelming that we just want to quit.
Life surely is not fair, but God is.
We always want to think why success or pure luck does not happen to us
While it is overflowing for some.
There are days where we wanted to just sit down, break down, or end our life
because of the never-ending struggles.
But keep in mind that those people whom you look up to now,
at some point they wanted to give up,
but they did not.

We should not give up because:

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

1. Someone gives a damn.
Don’t think no one does.
Our pain, Our tears, Our sufferings – God sees them.
Our loved ones feel them and they give a damn.
There’s always someone who is rooting for us, believes in us, and prays for us.
Giving up on ourselves means giving up their hopes for us too.

2. We have come so far.
Today is not the best time to give up, not even tomorrow.
The nearest exit for us is too far.
We are more than halfway to our dreams and aspirations.
We have gone a lot, so why give up now?
Remember and look back, we have been scarred by life’s thorns;
we have crashed; we have taken wrong roads;
we have turned upside down; calloused by heavy burdens.
But we survived.
You already are a survivor, what else can’t you do?

3. There’s a reason why we are here.
Just like everyone else. The same is true for you.
There is always a reason why we are where we are right now.
There is a purpose for everything because life is not meaningless.
Even if you haven’t discovered it just yet.
Keep going.
Everything will eventually fall into place.
We are being equipped with lessons and virtues.
Breakthroughs are magical. We gotta see it. We gotta be there when it happens.

4. We are not the only one.
We all are in the midst of something.
We have our own struggles.
Some even have harder battles.
If others made it through, so will you.
Count your blessings and look at the brighter side.
Draw strength from those people who matters.
Keep yourself motivated to keep your faith in your dreams.

5. Our GOD did not give up on us.
Never has He ever abandoned us.
Despite how sinful, how unworthy we are of His LOVE.
So why give up on what life throws at us?
When life throws us curveballs, we will catch them all.
We have our gloves fitted – by faith, by His love.
Or we can hit it straight and let it fly.
Either way works.

6. There are more than 1000 reasons to NOT give up in life.
Life is for those who chose to EXIST.
It is called LIFE because it means we are alive.
We have to understand that when we are alive, we will never stop learning.
When we are alive, we will always have something pursue, hope, dream,
So as something to be afraid of, frustrated about, cry over;
But feel blessed still.
Because only when we are still alive that we have countless HOPES, countless Dreams.

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