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All I did was repent and believe

But I was saved 

I had nothing grand to offer 

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Than just this life that had suffered

But my God looked beyond who I am

And calls me to always be on…


Everytime my heart wanders

There’s Your hand that reaches me

Searching me beyond the noisy crowd

And calling me to be on Your peaceful ground

That’s when I am reminded

How faithful my God truly is


My wit cannot see what’s in there for tomorrow

That my anxious soul wishes the time to slow

When I am about to stop and shut my eyes

And run away from your presence

Your promises pull me beyond my sorrows

And You call me dearly, to be on Your winning side


There were also nights when doubts strike me

And my confidence is trampled on the ground

My knees without strength want to give in 

And forever in the pit to hide

But then beyond sharp criticisms

You call me to be on Your loving arms


But sometimes I pride myself for being saved

Bound to heaven, justified, saved by grace

Yet there are times I act without compassion

I reason out why I can’t carry out the great commission

But beyond my coward heart

You call me to be on, always with Jesus Christ


And when the scoffers laugh at me

How old fashion my life could be

I toughen up myself and tell my heart

“Be confident with your faith

Because beyond the agonies of the cross

Is a God that lives”

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