There’s still a glimmer of hope
That one day you’ll come
Not as broken as you were
But made whole by God set forth by time

But this is what i want to let go
The thought of you coming over
Because it made me broken
When you said you won’t leave
But you let me go
When you said you love me
But you ignore me more

When you said your heart is mine
But you do not want me anymore

I had to fight everything inside
I want you to stay but that will cause me more pain
I let down everything
Became desperate just to make you see
The worth of me. The worth of having me.

If you were to choose another woman
I cannot handle it.
Why is it so selfish?
Why do you need to break me apart
So you could save yourself?

Why do you need to toss me aside
Shut me up like i never existed

Why do you need to promise me an us
If you would want to continue your journey
Without me on your side

Why? Why? Why?