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You came, and I got euphoria
When I’m with you, you get rid my dysphoria.
You gave me tickles and peculiarity.
I love you beyond clarity and lucidity.
But good times passed, my love was’nt enough.
You left me hanging with your shallow words.
I asked, Am I not enough?
Am I not worthy by your love?
I was blinded—- blinded by the lights of ceilings, I was blinded by you.
I thought things will be more lighter, but it ends up a little heavier.
And nowhere, I am in the middle of the road full of sadness—
Torn to continue a bit or will stay stuck I guess.
But I stopped, I sigh. Staying stranded is not good.
I decide to brought myself away, away in things that you must stood.
But I still saw myself looking back again and again.
I saw myself longing for you, just liked a sun rays looking for a rain.

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