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I am in charge of the white piece while you are on the others. I am responsible for the offense while you are defense. Now, I touch the Knight and make the first move. During the course of pandemic I push myself to learn biking because that’s the only occasion to see you. I make the first move despite of uncertainties that I am on my period biking under the scorch heat of the sun riding a mountain bike that is too far on my own ability. Then, you make a move causing the pawn to threaten my knight. Bravely, I select Pawn as a back up. Everyday, I always go to my cousin to accompany me biking but honestly just to take a peak watching you from a far riding your own bike too. What an intense offense coming from the white board.

During the middle game, there’s a blunder happened. You threaten my King through checkmate using your rook which leaves me no choice but to cover using my Queen. I am in the glimpse of crying and overthinking watching all my pieces are on your side. Just as, you told me that my presence no longer serve the best interest in you. I cannot stop myself from crying. I am still in the motion of planning in my efforts on how to gain the center piece. Then, I was about to cover my queen to prolong from checkmate but out of unconsciousness I was caught in surprise. You use your Bishop to strike my queen who is hiding from a far waiting someone to devour. Long ago, you have a plan to end this game early so that you can play in another table which serves the convenience in you. Sad to say, the effort of the Queen in risking her life in protecting the King is useless. Such a blunder, a mistake.

It seems that our love story is like a chess game. The effort of everyone especially the Queen, who has the most powerful movement among them, is put in vain. She risk her life and effort to the ungrateful King. The movement of King is very limited, only one step a time. However, your plan in life is to win without me.

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++ ( Checkmate )

Black 1- White 0




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