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To the Generation Z girls,


Before you decide to move forward with a potential partner, let’s delve into what saying ‘Yes’ entails and what you might want to ponder:

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“Yes” means you love him.

“Yes” means you can commit to him.

“Yes” means you are looking at him as your future husband.

“Yes” means you have prayed for him.

“Yes” means he loves God before he loves you.

“Yes” means you both agree that you’re in love with each other.

“Yes” means you can spend time together.

“Yes” means you’ve discussed your dreams and aspirations, and you’re both willing to support each other in achieving them.

“Yes” means you’ve talked about your values, beliefs, and what you envision for your future together.

“Yes” means you’re comfortable being your authentic selves around each other, without any pretenses.

“Yes” means you’re willing to face challenges and disagreements together, and you’re committed to resolving conflicts in a healthy way.

“Yes” means you’re excited to share your joys, accomplishments, and even the mundane moments of life with him.

“Yes” means you’ve considered the practical aspects of your relationship, such as long-term compatibility and shared goals.

“Yes” means you trust him and feel secure in the relationship, knowing that he respects your boundaries and feelings.

“Yes” means you’ve discussed how your families will navigate integrating into each other’s lives.

“Yes” means you’re willing to grow and evolve as individuals while growing together as a couple, especially to the word of God.

“Yes” means you’re enthusiastic about building a strong emotional connection and maintaining open, honest communication.

“Yes” means you’re willing to learn from each other’s differences and embrace each other’s uniqueness.

“Yes” means you’re prepared to make compromises and sacrifices when necessary, understanding that a successful relationship requires effort from both sides.


Remember that a healthy and lasting relationship is built on mutual understanding, respect, and shared goals. Each “Yes” represents a facet of a strong foundation for a relationship, and it’s important to have open conversations with your partner to ensure you’re both on the same page.


As someone once told me, “Be wise when choosing a girl you want to marry, because even a girl can bring heartaches into life.”


Similarly, be wise when choosing a man, because even he can bring all the heartaches in life.


All the best for your journey ahead.





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