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” I don’t know if God let me fall to the girl that
of all the years searching, become my first disappointment when it comes that I am ready to love again…”

It’s mid April 2018 when this girl happened to be part of my life as she replace a resigned co-worker of mine in our company.She was a simple woman, first impression of me for her is like: this woman is the first person I think I want to have in long term ,it was like, “may dating siya sakin…” and “parang siya na..”

I decided to keep that feeling for several months just to be sure that I am true to my feelings.At first konting paramdam muna and as the time past,my feelings for her grew strong at hindi ko na talaga kayang itago pa,so I decided to confess and make a move na manligaw na.

nagawa ko naman manligaw..but the saddest thing is,she rejected it.ayaw nya,ndi pa daw sya ready mag boyfriend..since birth.and hindi pa daw niya priority sa ngayon.I feel down that day, kasi alam mo yung parang may chance ka with those convos of her sa fb na pa hard to get lang siguro.and she does not make you feel like any other girls na kapag ayaw sayo,cold agad yung pakikitungo.

well, I decided to stop right away to make the long story short.were friends but for now I dont think na mababalik yung dati.I think na maybe hindi talaga kami or who knows, that it takes time for her kung di pa talaga nya priority.ganun talaga e.

But this also put myself to realize 3 things in my life.

1: Men are born to be warriors.

walang mali kung nagtapat ka at nasaktan..be a good man pa din,stand up and think of becoming a best version of yourself.always think for positivity and all things happen for a reason.

2. Kung para sayo, para sayo talaga.

No one knows what God has planned for us.It will just come right for you at the right time. Be patient,dedicate yourself for what is the most important things in your life for now.

3.Be thankful and pray for their happiness.

Although it is the hardest part, acceptance and moving on will lift you. di ba nga sabi sa kanta, “there is always rainbow after the rain”.Once na nagawa mo yun, mare-realize mo na thankful ka that you’ve met that person. at wag kalilimutan na pray for their happiness also,even your not part of it. because in the first place,you wanted to make that person smile for you 🙂

Hindi ako pro sa mga ganito, but I tell you..once you experience this kind of situation, always remember the moment.maaaring nasaktan ka ngayon,but in the mean time matatawa ka nalang  kapag naalala mo. Just dont lose your confidence, God didn’t create man without woman..you are always loved.


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