I’m slowly learning to dance and enjoy every drops of the rain.


I’m gradually learning that staying in relationship will not always giving you sparkly eyes and butterflies.

I’m slowly learning that somehow being judged and criticised by people surrounds you will not actually define who you are.

I am now learning that choosing your peace of mind and leaving toxic people behind is not actually your fault.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I now realized that I already spent time on the wrong people, wrong friends, wrong decisions, wrong place and dreams.

I’m slowly teaching myself not to be afraid to walk away in situation who doesn’t deserve my time.

And now, I’m slowly learning that life is never ending, I might be on my best or worse today but I will not end-up with regrets. Because how much effort you are giving, it doesn’t matter at all, we are living the imperfect world.

Because people may know your Name but not your pain.

Because people may know your smile, but not the way you smile.

Because people may define you, but can’t define them.

Because People may saw what you did, but not your intention.

Because People see you as useless, but not your hard work.

Because People may see your darkness, but not your ignition.

Because People see you as a failure, but not your passion.

Because people and the world are imperfect, as you are, so don’t waste time trying to be perfect.

-Hansy Patootsy

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