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He hadn’t pushed me on a swing
Neither heard him sing a lullaby for me
Where’s that goodnight kiss, the sweet caress
The hand that would clean this chocolate mess

I’ve been longing for his arms
His precious eyes staring back at me
He hadn’t heard me cry, ‘Please carry me’
He hadn’t heard me scream sayung, ‘Daddy’

‘Cause beyond these joyful eyes
There’s still a need to see
Within this precious smile
There’s something I want to feel
Inside this daughter’s heart
There’s a longing, a desire
To be held and loved by a father

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

But I know now someone better
He knew me well ever since before time
He has counted all the days of my life
He has carried me while wearing a smile

He’s been longing for my cry saying, ‘Daddy’
He’s been waiting for me to stare back at Him
He’s been singing me a sweet lullaby
My messed up heart, now healed by His life

‘Cause beyond these joyful eyes
I was able to see
Within this precious smile
I’ve felt what I longed to feel
Inside this daughter’s heart
I believe and I know
That I’ve been held and loved by a Father

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