Opposite attracts then gone separately.
The one wants this and the other hates that.
The facade was a kind of sweet-so-challenging-so-intimate connection, sweet as sugar you have tasted last time.
Sweeter than the taste of second time.
Deeply in love with the words and ingested by ‘i love you’s’.
So palatable, you defined how it was.
You thought she was your other half–that will never be somebody as you’d sworn.
You thought, you’ll overbear every differences you both possessed.
But she’d indoctrinated you, time indoctrinated you.
You’d seen the real color–too dark, you can’t even stare, reversely how you’d been enchanted by her semblance back then.
And as reality revealed, you’d reflected, you got rid of it, you chose what will be more gainful. You left.
Teaching you that not all opposites are stunning but it is more afflicting–leads you to fall. Falling into brokenness.