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I hope you will not mix-up the instants of today with having an instant relationship.

In this time when some gets easily pressured to enter into a romantic relationship, may you find yourself passionate in building relationships–loving and reaching-out-people relationships.

I understand how much you want to know him more, to be with him more…

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Yet lately, I noticed how you’re trying to manipulate certain scenes to happen just to complete the story you’ve made up on your own, and to make everyone believe that you’re both meant to be.

Do not try to move your cards, use things, use people, or allow them to do it for you just to get there, just for him to notice your existence.
You can say “NO.”
Stop the subtle ways that appear innocent just to be with him.

You are far better than faking a love story, Sweetheart.

Never initiate action or conversation just to get near him.
Oh Deary, I am not asking you not to be of friend to him. I am saying for you to please check your motives.
Do not initiate, and do not assume. Know your ground. Set your boundaries. Guard your heart!

Don’t get me wrong.
I am not against love. It is actually beautiful. Like an answered prayer, oh like a miracle!
But Love, a manufactured miracle is not for you.

Remember who you are in the eyes of the One who truly loves you.

He made you to be pursued, not the other way around.
Trust that He knows what you need, and when you will need it.
Pursue the One who calls you, “Beloved!”
This is your role.
Your role is to trust God in everything, to keep your focus on Him, and to wait for His timing.
That, when love finally finds you, he is someone whom God has appointed.
Not just somebody you forcibly constructed.

A Man of God will lay down his intention and will be clear to you if he truly loves you.
You don’t have to worry about taking actions.

Love, in this modern day, I hope we can let the inner Maria remain in us.

Jesus made you worthy to be pursued. 💗

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