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You’re not done.

You’re not done with the past.

You’re not done with the glances of her smile.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

On how she looks at you straight to your eyes.

You’re not done.

You’re not done on how she makes you feel good about yourself.
On how she gaves you attention when you lack for it.

Believe me, you’re not done.

You’re not done with your late night convos.
On how sweet her voice is.

Yes, I get it you’re not done.

You’re not done with her the moment you saw me.
The moment you thought I was the one.

And it hurts ‘coz you’re not done.

You’re not done with the feelings you and her shared in your past,
So you keep reminiscing those.

I’ll tell You. You’re not done.

You’re not done hoping, that you two could have another chance to revive the past.

You’re not done.

Cause you never looked at me the way you looked at her.
I can see it in the depths of your eyes, You’re not done.
You saved every memories that you shared, and ours is just to cover it.

You’re not done.

You’re not done saving her feelings more than considering mine.

You’re not done.

The moment you held my hand but at the back of you’re mind you wished I was her.

You’re not done with her, coz if you do, everytime I decided to walk away after you, you will not let me and you will stay…

but I forgot…

I forgot that you’re not done, you’re not done because you kept running back to her.

And now with us, I’m done…for good I’ll be gone.

Never jump in into someone’s life if you’re not over with your past. Every heart deserves to be loved whole heartedly not half-hearted.

Believe me, if he was too was not done
about his past, then that’s not God’s best for you cause God best for you will be sure at you and will never ever let you go just because you fail him.

You’ll be his grace and mercy, as God forgiven him in his sins, he would also do the same with you.

Afraid that your relationship might break because of your imperfections and mistakes? don’t worry because in God’s best past and future are already forgiven.

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