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We cry for closure when we are left hanging. But, what if silence actually meant closure? That it was God’s hint to let go and let Him do His craft? When you prayed for the right one, God knew he wasn’t THE one so He removed him from your life. God wants you to realize that when he left, that’s the end. That it is time for you to walk away, follow His path, and move along.

Maybe it is all about expectations. You dare ask for closure but when it was given you wouldn’t take it because it isn’t what you expected. You expect the person to come to you, apologize, and end everything formally.

You have to understand that not every ending requires proper closure. Sometimes, it only requires silence. Silence from all the drama, from all frustrations, and from all disappointments.

To me, that’s how you give yourself closure. You can mend all the wounds while taking the scars with you. I don’t think it is ugly. I think being scarred is beautiful. It would remind you of how strong you are. It would be your constant. And when you’re all healed up and ready to open up to the world again, you will see yet another person. A better one at that.