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It’s really hard to wait when you’re in your mid 20s and the desire to enter a relationship is stronger than ever, when your doubts and fear if you’ll ever be able to get married in your lifetime is clouding your mind.
You eventually see yourself being so much in hurry that you went to an online dating app for a quick fix.
At first, it feels like its gonna work. You chat and coverse with guys showing you interests and entertaining the thought that one of them might be the one.
But eventually, you will get tired of your conversations. You replies are getting shorter. You’re losing your interest. And now, you want try to get to know someone else. Tha cycle continues and you continue to feel the emptiness and longing inside your very being. Asking yourself, “Why am I still single?”,”Am I not beautiful?”, “Does my personality sucks?”, “Am I too much to love?”,”Will I ever experience tho joy to love and be loved?”
You’re lonelier than ever. You became so weak that if a stranger comes to you and tell you he likes you and he cares for you, you’ll jump right into him and tell him you feel the same way too. But, eventually it was all a lie you believed because of your desperation.

Little did you know that the love you’ve been searching can only found in Him, the emptiness you’ve been feeling can only be filled by Him, and that true joy only Him can give. And unless He tells you “It’s Time, That’s Him”, your search for love will always be in vain. So trust Him when He say,”Not Now, Not Yet”. For He knows all your needs, and nothing beats His perfect timing for everything. Trust Him in you season of waiting.

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