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Today (06/01/2020), I decided to write this letter for you. I had a strong feeling that next year will be the start of our love story. This year was such a hard one because there are many problems facing by everyone. So I accept that 2020 was not the year we’ve been waiting for. But it’s okay. Siguro may MAS priority pa satin si Lord na kailangan pa natin i-accomplish.
I was wondering what will happen next year? Saan at paano tayo magkakakilala? Are you a common friend? Are we totally strangers? Do you know me already? Lots of questions popping in my mind at this moment. Am I excited? Seriously, YES! I am very excited. 5 years of waiting is not a bad thing for me honestly. For me, it’s a great opportunity to love myself and do what I wanted to do before I met you. I know how to prioritize my family and myself so as you. I love travelling that’s why, I wish you would love that too. I loved the people around me and I am happy because you will meet them and know how precious they are to me. Sometimes, I had this habit of not talking to anyone. I wish you can handle it in the future. Someone told me that you are in far place. It’s a legit ‘someone’. I had no idea about that. But I pray for your safety and also to the people you loved especially your family. Kung ano man ang ginagawa mo, please be extra careful. And I know that the Lord will guide and protect you. Siya kaya ang AUTHOR NG LOVE STORY natin.
Stay safe My Future Husband! Alam kong konting tiis na lang, magstart na ang Chapter 1 natin. Pray as always. Okay?!
See you next year!
Love you! -in advance

Your Future Wife,

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