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Across the blake velvet skies,
he whiffs my half asleep mind.
And as my lashes meet,
all I feel is the kiss of his smile.

You wonder what can
chase his bliss.
What cages
his heart.

What life he dreams
to create.
What desire
places him in a rush.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You wonder what hues
paints his world.
What character
he treasures.

What rainbow
can heal his soul.
What rain can ruin
his pleasures.

Dear No One,
these glittery
fills your cheer.

The moonbeams
reaches my forehead
the way you would
touch… my heart.

Where have you gone
now, ’cause I
miss you here,
my Dear!

Dear Nobody,

love note.

Play on words. Picking words from the vortex of my momentary thoughts. Partly inspired by the song. =D Enjoy!

©Angel Fizz 2017   

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