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We have known each other since we were kids, yet it’s only now that we’re really knowing more about each other. I never knew your favorite color, your favorite food, nor your favorite basketball team. In all that time that we were together, we just enjoyed each other’s company. Playing as kids with what is, and never thinking of what can be. Looking back now, I don’t regret not knowing more of you. I enjoy how we get to learn about each other now that we are older. 

I may not know what the future will hold. I may not know what the Lord’s plan is for me (or for us, God knows, if He wills us to be). But now, I will continually pray that the Lord will hone you to be the man He wants for you to be. I will fervently pray that the Lord will prepare you and ready you to be in a relationship. 

I’m enjoying seeing you grow in love with the Lord and mature as an adult. I delight seeing you being discipled and discipling others. Dear you, build those friendships and be diligent in your work. I will be cheering you and for you.

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I’ll take the pain of waiting for you. And while waiting, I’ll keep myself pure. I will guard my heart and that pray that you will be able to guard your heart as well, as the Lord prepares us individually until that perfect season when He’ll bring us together. I treasure our friendship and thank the Lord for allowing me to have one like ours.

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