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Love, you’re not meant for a coward.

For you is a fighter. Someone who knows how to hold the weapon and attack, and as the attack becomes greater, he grips the sword all the more. Someone who endures the battle and no language of defeat.

For you is a victor. Someone who holds the armor with fullness of confidence. Someone who has conceived in his mind from the very start that he will win. Someone who patiently finish the battle and embrace the plunder. He has no language of losing the fight.

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For you is a man of authority. Someone whose leadership cannot be shattered. Someone who knows how to rule and submit. Someone whose autonomy bows before the Sovereignty of God. He has no language of insubordination to God.

For you is a pursuer. Someone who knows how to catch your heart with sincerity not with flowery words that will confuse your naive heart. Someone who will not chase after you. Instead, he will chase after God’s own heart. Someone whose greatest pursuit is to love you according to how your Creator does. He has no language of leaving you behind all uncertainties of his motive.

For you is a man of God. A fighter. A victor. A man of authority. A pursuer. A strong man. Not a single amount of cowardice can be found in him. Wait patiently till he comes your way strong woman. 💕

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