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I wish I could forget the way your eyes see beyond

The mistakes I thought were harmless

You taught me to see the wrong in my actions.

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You taught me to be courageous

I wish I could forget your smell in the morning when I wake up.

The whiff of your scent when you hold me tighter.

You smell of laundry and comfort.

I felt like my home was with you.

I wish I could forget your soft skin, your hands, and your warm body.

With you was a safe place.

With you was ecstasy

With you, I am in paradise.

I wish I could forget the sound of your voice

The way you pronounce my name.

The way you took pride when we’re together

The way your sweet words calmed my soul.

I wish I could forget you.

I really do

But every time you cross my mind,

I thought about how the future would’ve turned out if I was a better person. If I was a better lover, Would you have left me too?

I know you found the person who cherishes you

It just hurts so much because I can’t be in a special place in your heart

I will never will.

It was a pointless promise but I blamed myself for this pain

I hoped and broke.

I will pour my tears, my heart, and my soul one last time

A time will come when I can forget

Not you, but what we were and what we could have been

But I can never truly forget you.

You are my first love.

I will forever be grateful for keeping me, for loving me, for cheering me.

I will never forget you

But I hope my hypothalamus will forget how much I loved you.

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