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Dear Self,

You are worthy, loved and precious! You know how to handle difficult things and that’s what made you smart! You do not give up easily and that made you strong. You are guided by God and through that you’ll win the battle! HAVE FAITH! AND FIGHT!

Sincerely yours, Self.

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Dear Forgiven,

If the enemy keeps on reminding you about your sin, Do not mind him. You know who you are to God! You know the truth! God loves you and no one and nothing can separate you from His love neither death nor life not even your sin! You are FORGIVEN! so act as ONE!

Best regards, Forgiven


Dear Brain,

Hello, have you missed me? Just wanna say sorry for not using you when may heart is weak. Sorry for not listening to your warnings to prevent danger. I’ll promise you now that i won’t take you for granted again. I will both listen to you and to my heart now

Now listening, Me


Dear Heart,

How are you? do you feel okay now? I’m sorry if i let you suffered for my stubbornness. I’m sorry if i let you sacrificed for what we both thought is right. I’m sorry and Let us start again with a brand new one. Be strong!Be guarded!But do not stop loving.

Strongly yours, Myself


Dear You (To the man who secretly loving me)

I’m sorry for hurting you unintentionally. Sorry if you felt like i don’t have a care, but i do really care. Just focus on God for now, and He will show you the right action that you have to do. Again,I’m sorry but will include you in my prayers. Let us both aim for God’s will.

Warm regards, This woman.


Dear You ( To the man i love today)

Loving someone unconditionally is painful but still the best experience you may have. Thank you for letting me loving you even you did not love me back. Because of you i was informed that i can love someone broadly and deeply as this, so much thank you for that. Also, because of you i have learned that loving someone is good but loving yourself first before loving someone else is much better. So to the man i love today, i still love you but i will no longer holding to you but rather i will let my feelings flee from you, and the commitment i gave to you? I am now letting it go.  Maybe i am loving you now but i am in doubt  how long it will takes or somehow i am hoping that someday i will stop loving you the way i used to be before and now.


Best wishes, The woman who loves you.


Dear Family,

You are my strength and also my weakness, you are the reason why i am pushing myself to work hard and be the best person i could be. I love you so much, you all are my inspiration. Let us achieve our dreams together even we are not a perfect family still we have a perfect God who can make all things possible. Keep on inspiring , supporting and loving me and i am also doing the same.


Loving all of you, Maica.


And lastly,


Dear Lord,

I am so sorry for giving the love supposedly yours to your creation. I am sorry if i took you for granted, and coming to you when i am only broken and felt unloved. I am sorry for causing pain in your heart and running from your will. Help me now to love you first more than i love others. Help me Lord to overcome fear and to won this battle. This time i will fight with you, this time i will walk with you, this time i will decide with you and this time i will love with you. JESUS from now on I AM YOURS ,and you are mine. Let us work out this relationship together, let me grow in you and love you deeper. Kindly also guard my heart and open this to the right one, to someone who truly loves you and me. also to someone who has the same heart as mine. I love you Lord.


Truly yours, Jamaica. (sending from earth)

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