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Our lives are like a battlefield. We fought wars to get where we are now and we keep on fighting to get the greatest victory we ever aimed for. The ugly truth is that not all wars we face will surely be victorious at the end. Accept it, we failed most of the time, especially, those times when we gave much more effort to anything we ever did before.

We mostly feel we failed when things don’t go the way we expected it. Like planning for a certain event and didn’t go as planned. Studying for an exam all night and we flunked the next day or even promising to someone and failed to do it at the end. It happens. These are the days we feel down the most and the last option we think we can do best is to simply give up.

We often escape from this reality instead of trying more. We lost the confidence to believe to ourselves. We felt pressured when social media shows us how beautiful the lives of those people we know and how they are now. Honestly, we can’t hide the fact that we often compare ourselves to them. Thinking, maybe they just got lucky in life or how I wished I’m them. Unlike me, a failure.

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But here’s another truth, Failing in life is common to everybody. We fail from one thing to another. Failing is inevitable. It is another way for us to learn and grow. It is a vital part of life to fail for us to realize what we can do more and doing things cannot simply be done in one way.

Failing teaches us how capable we are to do great things. Thomas Edison’s apprentice once asked him why does he kept on experimenting after all those failed attempts. He simply replied, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” The more we failed the higher ground we can see of what things we can do and not do. Never underestimate what you can be and can do in the future if we only keep on trying.

Failing strengthens us for stronger battles. As we get older our battles are getting stronger. Through failing, we get stronger and wiser. it gives us the endurance to stay and fight longer than how we used to before. It makes us mightier.

Failing gives us hope. The hope that after every storm there is a rainbow. It keep us intact with a positive view that things will surely pass on its own and the sun will surely shine to us once again.

So if ever you failed again. Pick yourself up, sharpen your sword and fight as if there is no tomorrow. No retreat, no surrender.

Keep reminding yourself, This is not the end for me.

You were born to do great things. Believe it.

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