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Today’s generation is living on a certain limited timeline. Since social media is a major asset, we can read or watch stories after stories of remarkable people on how they became successful in life whether in fitness, having good looks, wealth or in popularity which seems to be the only basis that you are somewhere in your life today.

As we live in this social circle. You cannot hide the fact that sometimes you dream to achieve the same thing as they did. You end up, bringing the same burden to your shoulders and to live the life you thought the only counted as meaningful or your life is nothing but tragedy.

What makes it more confusing are those people you know by heart. The way they talk about their lives in their social media. Looking at their posted pictures on how happy they are and somehow you can’t just leave the fact as if you are being asked if you are happy with your life as well.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

With this situation, you lost yourself. like puppets, you let other people tell you how to live and what to do,

“You should be like this…”

“Why are you like that?”

“How can you live like this?”

These may only be questions, but you cannot hide the fact that it hits you real hard. It shakes your values, your practices or even the way you look at life. that’s why you look at yourself pressured wishing that you could do something right now.

Without a doubt, face the mirror while looking at your reflection. Please, Remind yourself, “You Are Born To Stand Out!” repeat it until it will be the only voice you hear like a battle cry. Their race is not yours to run to. As to how they found their happiness, believe that you will too someday. We are not born to be on the same journey but to simply cross-path with each other.

You are peculiar. As to how our fingerprints uniquely identify us, so are we in how life should be lived. Life cannot be lived in one way. Your time will surely come but it is up to you how much did you prepare instead of being busy being envy and meddling with the lives of other people.

Live your life as if there is no tomorrow but prepare as if you still have a lot of time to spend. Take control of your life. Will it, as if no one can hinder you to reach the highest ground of your life.

Make each day count. Do not dream of being successful but here you are rotting like a potato. Do something. Nothing beats effort than simply getting it instantly with the help of someone else.

Be a Goal-Digger. Whether it be big or small it turns to become another step closer to your goal. If you cannot work out on something change your method but not the goal. If you cannot aim high then dig deep.

Be Fearless. Chin up. Take it all in.

Remember, You are born to stand out!

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