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I know you remember many times I’ve ask you ”Wag mo kong iwan ha?” You’ve always made promise not to leave me but you did. I never thought that you chose to left me. Few people know our relationship and that’s good for us both to keep privacy. At school people see me as religious, man of wisdom, and man with sense of humour that greets everyone around. I always show smile to them not knowing i’m broken. In just a little span of time were together. We’re classmates right? And the funny point was that our classmates expects that we’re okay but they didn’t know we broke up.


When you posted ‘I just want to be important on someone’s life.’ that’s why i initiate to know you. We started chatting just by asking me ”Pano mo nalaman team mo sa intrams?’ then there it goes that we are getting to know each other.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

On your birthday twas January 22 this year i surprised you with a bouquet on roxas night market and you were very shock and surprised because I’ve come. And that night you wore orange dress and you didn’t expect that orange is the color of the uniform of food vendors there.

On valentines naman alam kong hindi ako artist pero ginawan kita ng letter. Hahahaha and you appreciated it.

And ngayon wala kana pano na ako? I’m so inlove with you but i know it’s your choice to leave and i cannot beg you to accept my genuine love. Always remember you’re in my prayer.




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