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The next day you asked this of me.

And NO! Certainly not so, surely.

Cause all that's left now is how real you are to me.

And how God is working on you, still, as much as He is for me.

Your smile.

Your charm.

Your tendencies.

Your quirks.

Your drive.

Your Faith.

Your scrawny legs.

Your squinty eyes.

That tux.

That leather jacket.

That cap... but backwards.

AND YES! Even that cute little nose--barely there to see.

All of that--and more--make up your symphony...

Of how when I looked through your eyes I see only me...

How we are lead to be still when we are indeed free.

Oh!!! How this would all make perfect sense if we just let Him be...

The Author and Perfector of our best selves yet to be...

The One reason for all those ten thousand ones of glee...

At the center of the here and now... and future... of the YOU & ME.


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