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Embrace the things that you fell short for in taking care of yourself just because you go out of your way for other people.

Embrace all the times you disappointed yourself just because you believe they’ll change every single time you let them be part of your life.

Embrace all the nights you cried out of frustration that you’re stuck again and let yourself be in the cycle of manipulation and gaslighting.

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Embrace yourself for loving people so hard that they don’t know what boundaries with you looks like.

Yes, you’re hurt but being whole again is something that could always happen even if they’ve left. Enjoy the journey of rediscovering yourself, of giving all the love and care to yourself.

Starting again is hard but staying with a person who does not see your worth anymore is exhausting.

You are not selfish for choosing your peace.

You are not selfish for wanting to save yourself from being lost in the process.

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