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Do you think we can make it now? Do you think this time we can do this right? Do you believe this time is the time for us to try again? To start risking again? Do you think that this is the time for us? That the universe gave us this moment to see if we can make the right decisions without hurting each other this time?

I miss you, P; my heart aches for you like hell. Can we make it right this time? Will we make it this time? Is this the right time to see if this love will see us through? Yes, love, I said it. I love you. From the moment you told me that Im the one you see spending your future with, I know my heart is safe. I know my heart will recognize you from miles away. I know that my heart will always run to you.

God, this is scary. Letting you in my life again, letting you see the real me again. The last time I let you, you broke my heart. You broke it to the point I am unable to fix it. You broke it, and my body shut down physically. My body did not allow me to eat, sleep, or talk; all it could do was cry. For weeks on end, I cried.

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So tell me, Polan, are we worth the try? Can we make it right this time? Can we choose to do this right this time around? Tell me you love me again, and make me believe we are worth the try. Tell me that you love me and make me think you will never break my heart again. Because after everything that happened, I know, to the core of my core, I love you. And I will always ask you to come back over and over again.

We promise a house, books, and dogs. Can we make it right this time right? We can, right?

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