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There are one way, two ways, crossings and dead ends on a road. It’s always easy to drive in a one way trip when you don’t know where to go. You just need to follow the road and find the landmark of your destination. But what if there are turns which you do not know where it will lead you, would you still go on or wait for a rescue?

There are many options in life. You can go either right or left, true or false, good or evil, be inspired or be depressed, do want to succeed or fail, do you him or not?
There’s no such thing as middle. If you’re on a busy road and you remain in the middle of left and right you might have an accident right away or in a moment.

So everytime I make a decisions, I prefer to think about it multiple times (what to wear, eat, drink, say and act, I want to make right decisions in life who should I marry, when will I say yes and no. How should I react.)

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Because not all time there’s a U-turn. There’s no always second chances. Not all the time you know what’s the ending. Sometimes the road is smooth but it leads you nowhere. But if you know what kind of path you are taking, for sure you’ll get to your destination no matter how rough it’ll be, you will push through until you get there.

-When you’re torn between two paths, take a pause and ask God to show you the right way. Trust me, He will answer.-

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