Words are mesmerizing that caused you to fall to the pit.
It is a pit of unending confusing emotions.
You are fascinated.
You believed him.
You believed again to butterflies.
It is real-quick.
Quick as the light passing through the window of your room.
His actions speak of his emotions.
It caused you too many confusions.
You never knew what is in between.
You never knew what is happening.
You let it happened.
You let things unsettled.
You are happy not until he leaves that pit.
It hurts.
It bleeds.
It struggles you.
He leaves no trace.
It’s dark.
It is darker than you could imagine.
You don’t know which way out.
You are stuck there.
You are stuck in that pit of unending emotions.
Struggling to find those comforting words again, but it never happened.
It will never happen again.
He will not come back again.