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In achieving my dreams,

I passionately gave all of my time and effort into what I am now.

Unknowingly, I just let myself mature and grow by myself without needing anyone.

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My eyes are just focused on what is ahead of me, without bothering to look back or tilt sideways.

Then one day, one night, after the pandemic crisis arose, I realized that focusing to achieve your dreams will not give you total happiness if you don’t have anyone to celebrate with.

I just thought and realized that everything you’ve created with bloody hard-work in the fullness of the time, will collapse and destroy.

Just today I realized, I created a long, long runway from the people I treasured.

Looking regretful, I actually focused on my future and eventually forgot to live.

I just noticed that I was walking fast to achieve my goal and being fast suddenly gives me gradual loneliness.

I’m just busy running forward. I just continue running without planning to stop.

And then one day I just wondered, that clock is continuously tickling and it will never stop.

And I just thought that I let time pass by me so fast.

I forgot to enjoy the brightest scenery along the way.

And just right now, I finally understand.

At times I wanted to come back to the place that feels like home, where all things are genuine and still innocent, the place where I was first inspired to be I am now, underhandedly they are all gone and left me.

-H A N S Y. P A T O O T S Y.

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