Moving on from someone who isn’t yours
No commitment at the first place
It may sound ridiculous but it happens
Difficult to apprehend but you have no option

Talking always and telling secrets
Bonding and eating together
Sweetness overload in all matters
But now, that person became a ghost

It ended as a one-sided love
You felt in love to someone but no label
Probably it was a wrong move
But that was a trending human nature

Be stronger no matter what
In every mistake, there’s a lesson
But be careful if you chase that person again
I guess you never learned from it.

Don’t be a bird in a cage
You have a freedom to choose

You have to move on from that person
Stop making excuses, guard your heart

Don’t be a victim by your wrong instinct
Or else your suffering will be extended
Know your worth and have self respect
And wait till the right person comes.

Birds will fly and soar

With peace and freedom

So Please free yourself and move on 🙂