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Dear friend, since day 1, It was crazy
My first impression to you was sort of “maldita.”
Feared of having a hard time to deal with your
Unexpectedly, It went opposite and smooth
I admired your heavenly smile
And your graceful movements were amazing to gaze
You had a unique beauty from inside and out
A different angel to be with but to hard to handle
Maybe you hated your flaws and a portion of yourself.
But for me, a different story, I appreciated those
Your flaws and imperfections were compliments for me
We shared stories, personal life and heartbreaks
Glad to know that you were keeper
But dolefully, you were wasted by someone
Someone you loved but He left you swiftly
I prayed always that to someone you will love
Wishing that he won’t leave you in your darkness moment.
But same outcome happened, break up
Failed relationship and expectation
When you’re hurt and sad, I’m here to talk with you
I’m here to help you, and to comfort your pain
All I want is your happiness and your success
I’ll be here for you no matter what happen
I’m just a simple friend who knows your worth
Please notice the world can offer
Not the clouds but the sun
I’m not your hope , but I’m hopeful someday
You’ll get up once again and heal your wounds
I want to see your genuine smile again.
But don’t worry, I’m okay just be okay
I care but you don’t need also to do the same
I’m here as your supporting cast.
I hope one day you will know who will keep your flames
And never be burnt by fake promises
Dear friend, I hope you can read me
Not my mind but my heart.

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