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Hello how are you?
You don’t know how beautiful you are when you smile.
Even when you are walking in distant.
You shine like a diamond.
I just want to say I’m here for you whenever you are sad and have nothing to talked to.
I’m just a call away don’t worry you are always in my prayer.
You are my Friend that is why I love you.
We can be the best buddy if you want to.
You can lean on me.
I’ll be your crying shoulder but I won’t wipe your tears I’ll just let it flow together we sail in the tiny boat.
Dear, you are precious to me more than gold and rubies.
You are my friend.
┬áDon’t cry, it makes my world fall apart when you are down.
Come here friend I will hug you.
You can feel the warmth and love I have for you.


Would you do the same?
Would you tell me “Are you okay?”
Would you make me smile?
Would you wipe my tears?
Thousands of questions I have in my mind but one question bothered me with the thought”Am I your friend?”


Hello, nice to meet you!
My friend,my love I bid you goodbye.

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