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Snow dust starts to vanish.
Trees began to grow leaves.
Flowers soon to bloom.
Here I am walking on a hill.
Where a man was waving.
He seems waiting and yearning for me.
His eyes are sparkling
And his smile brightens me.
He is the most warmest sunshine I’ve ever met.
My heart starts to melt.
As he welcomes me filled with love.
I felt so weak and my shoulders shuddered.
My naive heart beats again.
Cheeks blushed and I smiled.
Finally you’re the one I was looking for.
I walked on the vast forest where no one was there.
And find myself lost until I found you.
Cherry blossoms fall upon my head.
Birds chirping on heavens.
Never did I felt this kind of happiness.
His hands entwined mine.
And promised never to leave me.
I smiled and trusted him.
I have only one heart and life to live.
Wondering how life would that be.
To be with someone I prayed for so long.
To the man who prays for me.
The valleys are sturdy and sloping.
It may not be easy road.
But our hearts are tied and hopes are high.
A road filled with journey upside down.
Where may sadness and gladness met.
Life is full of thrills.
Where only God knows the way.
That one day we’ll be living as one.

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