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I spent winter all days of my life.

Walking on valley of loneliness,

Where my heart was longing for happiness.

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Though grass were greener in pastures And wild flowers welcomes me,

They withers as my fingers touch.

I saw a big bear from afar.

We met halfway and smiled at me.

Though it was waiting for me for a long time.

I never knew I became happier than I was.

The bear walked with me on my journey.

I suddenly wonder and yet I knew it was real.

My cold heart starts to melt.

The sun comes up and shine on me.

There were sound like drums beating.

It was my merry heart stomping out loud.

But somewhere in afar I saw two ways were departed I stopped and looked at the bear.

He never glanced at me while walking choosing the left way and left me alone.

Raindrops shed tears on the ground I wanted to asked why are you walking away

Tears in my eyes starts to fall.

I knew the answer.

I ran on the other side of the road.

I was mad and frustrated.

All I know this was a lie.

I ran as fast as I could.

Never looking back to forget all.

I was in the vast forest lonely again.

When autumn starts to fall.

I wonder why this heart felt but alone.

Am I not colorful than this leaves on the ground?

Am I not lovely as these trees above?

Am I not blooming as this wild flower?

No one answered my wonder.

And I opened my hand and snow flakes fills my palm.

Only winter comes along with me.

As days passed by, my heart shivers and colder.

Is this journey endlessly?

Yet only wind blows whispered in my ear.

All I know is to move and walk through.

Though I don’t know the right way.

This naive heart was colder and alone.

I knew it waiting for spring to come.

To melt and let it beat again.

And my eyes yearning for the cherry blossom to bloom.

Sun is up shining on me until I smiled again.

My hands, wanting to hold and entwined.

Will my tongue utter those three words?

Nor hear them back to me?

Lips were touched at the first time.

Is this a dream or for real?

Then I wink, I am still walking on winter times.

I knew if I quit I can’t see my story.

This naive cold heart continues until the winter stops And snow starts to melt.

Up on the hill where spring was waiting.

Someone was there and waving. I wouldn’t know if I stop moving.

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