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I have always loved escapes
Places where I hear waves
Water plays with sun rays
And shores that clear my daze

Ocean owns my smiles
Even across the miles
It always feels like home
Even when I’m all alone

I have always loved that feeling
The feeling of comfort it’s giving
For days I know I am healing
Then I get back and still feel missing

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Ergo I keep on waiting..
For the next day I’m leaving..
I’m living for that thought of leaving
Leaving me daydreaming

Days, years.. I have grown tired of the cycle
As I kept running on the circle
I have tried to break the cycle
Until things started to become brighter

Brighter than those sun rays
Cooler than those blue waves
Sweeter than those shore chase
Comfortable than all escapes

I realized that smiles never have to be miles
Coz oceans and cities are under the same sky
I am a mermaid who finally found home in dry
Coz You are my ocean under the city sky

– cads 💙

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