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You are currently nameless. You don’t have a name. You are somewhere out there living your life, sipping a coffee in a coffee shop, taking pictures near the beach and watching as raindrops slide down the window of your room. You are clueless about my existence. You don’t even know I’m here. All you know is, someday you will find a man who will treat you right, who will choose you despite everything that you went through and respect you still.

You long for an intimacy that moves mountains, for someone who will choose you above all the choices, someone who will stand for you when you feel like sitting down. You wonder when that moment will come, you wonder when you will find someone who you can be vulnerable with. Someone that you don’t need to pretend that you’re strong and that you can show who you really are without the haunting feeling that you will be one day left behind, that you’re not enough. You keep on wondering when that kind of love will find its way to you.

You already tried finding it on your own and it hurt you in ways that you can’t bear. Falling in love became something that you’re scared about because you will never really know a person’s true intention to you. They might just hurt you again, use you and make you look like a fool. The very thing that you are dreaming of became something scary because of those who came just to take something away that you will never be able to get back.

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Well, my love, wherever you are, I want you to know that I long for that kind of love, too. I long for you, too. I promise you, you’ll be scared of me. You will be scared because you will wonder if all that I am doing is out of my sincerity or just because I want to get something from you. You will be scared but I will always try to become the best man that I could possibly be. Once you jump in, once you believed everything I said and did, I promise that it will be a decision that you will never regret. I will marry you and declare my love for you in front of my God, acknowledging that you are the person that I want to spend my whole life with.

So, right now, live your life and do not find love, do not find me because I will find you. Love has always been on its way to you and all these bumps in the road, the heartbreaks and wrong turns in this maze of life leads to where you are and one day you will be surprised that I am already in your life. I promise, too, that right now, while I am waiting for you, I will do my best to become content and the best kind of man that I could possibly be so once I find you, I am already a much better person ready for someone like you because I will never be a man who really loves you if I do not acknowledge that this relationship is not between the two of us but between the three of us including God and that for me to become a better man for you, I need to seek God. The heights of manhood are found in the depths of who God is.

You can’t go looking for love because love will find you. —Kris Allen

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