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Maybe now the time is not right,
Maybe now we can see future in each other eyes,
Maybe now we can’t speak how strangely we want to know each other,
And maybe now this is the season we must wait and grown-up!

Yes! Don’t just wait, because you want to!
Yes! Don’t just wait, beacuse you just feel it too!
Don’t just wait! Grown-up! Be the best version of yourself that God wants you to be!😉

Don’t just wait! Master your emotions
Don’t just wait! Learn to love yourself
Don’t just wait! Let go and let God

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

So that oneday,
when Daddy God meet us again! Ayieee …
We will be so proud we obeyed God
We will be so proud we need more God more than us…

And we can both say:
Yes! True love exist! But not by manmade love story
but by God bless made love story!😉💕

And when that day comes we will both says:
143 is not enough! We need more John 3:16!

And I know for sure Daddy God is much happier than us.😭😍



Love is God, God is Love.

And your maybe tired of waiting… But …

Please don’t just wait!Grown up! Enjoy your season and trust the process.😉☝

God bless you all!💕☝

– LOVE –

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