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I loved someone, but for the whole time I was her man, never have I bought her flowers.

I have no fancy car, but all I’ve got is the availability to send her together to work, and be there before she goes out. Commute but everyday.

I’ve got no awesome big bike for her to jump at my back, but all I’ve got is to look for a dollar-per-ride Ofo bikes to rent wishing we could enjoy the place as well as we ride.

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I always wanted to bring her to a wine steak dinner on special occasions wearing suit and shiny pair of shoes, but all I’ve got is a once in a blue moon surprise table for two with just a plain t-shirt on.

I wanted to hire a string quartet to serenade her, but all I’ve got is just a guitar to play acoustic music, and my deep voice to sing for her everynight so that she can fall asleep.

I wanted to purchase groceries to make her pancakes for breakfast, be fresh fruits and good coffee, but all I’ve got is to prepare a toast bread, instant Old town coffee, milk, and a bowl of her favorite cereal, feeding her multitaskingly while she rushed for work.

I wanted to bring her to a good salon, but all I’ve done is to blow dry and comb her hair every morning after her warm shower.

I wanted to buy her new dress, but all I’ve got is to do laundry for her so she won’t run out of clothes whenever she needed. And afterwards, fold them so she can just go to rest after work.

I wanted to get her beauty products, but all I’ve got is the energy to clean her room, kitchen, shower room and water closet to maintain proper hygiene.

I wanted to bring her to Paris or Maldives, but all I’ve saved is just a plane ticket for Bali. Fulfilling her travelling dream.

I wanted to buy a good camera because she loves photography, but all I’ve got is a phone enough to keep our memories together.

I wanted to rent a van for our whole adventure, but the rest is just a scooter for rent and a five bucks gasoline enough to wander to the spots she dreamt of.

I wanted to give her a white gold for our Prayer Promise ring to each other, but all I’ve got is just a stainless molded with mother pearl.

I wanted to give her a cake on her birthday, but all I’ve got were cents saved for a red velvet

cupcake… and luckily a small candle.

I wanted to bring her to a fancy restaurant for celebration, but all I could do is to cook her a pasta in tomato cremed with white sauce for dinner.

I wanted to throw a special party for her, but I got no sponsors. All I had were friends who willingly helped my ass out preparing the food and a simple banner.

I wanted to give her a watch because she wears only one, but all I have is to make time for her.

I wanted to buy her the plants she wants, but all I could do is to water her plants and place it on a morning sunlight hoping they won’t die.

I wanted to build her a big house for our future family, but all I have got is a promise that I’ll give her a happy home.

I wanted to buy her a dozen of white rose when we fought, but all I’ve done is to pick her flowers, a bunch of Santan and Yellow bells, and a sincere “Sorry”.

I wanted to treat her and date her that time when we had that argument, but all I could do is to place the picked flowers in an empty pineapple can, put water and hug her tight telling that I love her so much.


Do not love someone like me. I’m broken. I can’t buy you flowers.

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