August came like the breeze
the way love arrived in early May
and finally chose to stay.
Made me feel all at ease.

Suddenly, it left me basking
in an aura of romance
the whole month end.
The way I found myself
in the quicksand of love
a couple of times at the bend.

Hated playin’ with flames.
So, I had to bid bye
to the old games.
Oh dear, how I’m wishin’
for September bliss.
August, let go of my
hand now, please!

Said my hello’s to Mrs. Moon
and wore a dazzling smile.
May September bring us
breathtaking velvety skies
adorned by winking diamonds.

And as the sun peeks in,
May it bring us green
vivid horizons
in the eyes.

Hello September! May you find yourself between the lines.


love • nature • pain • september • society • fizz

📷 Mitch Kesler of Pexels