Everyone are capable to dream big but not everyone are determined to achieve it.

When you feel like you’re about to sink…

When you feel like you’re dreaming for nothing…

Dream High

Two words with two syllables

Yet could mean a higher purpose

Two words with two syllables

Yet could make a sense when everything seems senseless

Dream High! As long as you want it

Dream High! As much as you expect for it

Dream High! As if it is the end

Dream High! For it will be worth it

Tricky minds take tricky dreams

Far from realities, far from beliefs

‘Cause their called reality is their fantasies

Where society disapproved millions of times

They sounds like a raindrops (non-stop)

They shout extremely than the thunders

Whisper like a bees

Talk like a parrots

Dream High! As the eagles soar high

Dream High! And higher each day

You don’t need to take worries

For your failures will be your lead to victories

The No’s of the society will be the God’s Yes

The doubt of the society will be the God’s trust

Your fantasies could turn into a reality

Your broken piece could turn into a masterpiece


If only you take actions without compromising

If only you take steps bit by bit

Don’t rush things ‘cause

If only you take answers smoothly and calm

If only you believe on what you can do

You don’t need to undo what they want you to

If only you stop refusing opportunities

You don’t need to limit things when your God is limitless

Dream High! Dream Higher!

Today, the stage might not be yours

But one of these days, it will be yours

For Your dream is yours, no one else


Have an unlimited determination

Have an unlimited passion

Have an unlimited motivation

Have an unlimited faith


Be a little more patient with time

Be a little more patient with yourself

Be a little more patient with life’s circumstances

Be a little more patient with unexpected events

‘Cause it’s worth it one day if not today

Worst things today will be amazing someday

Your questions today will be answered one day

‘Cause it’s for you to find it out


Don’t be discourage by others’ words

Be encourage by encouraging thoughts

Don’t be afraid to take actions

Be brave enough to prove their wrongs

For time flies fast, you take decisions

Take it without regrets, embrace it

For you are to face consequences

Take it without hesitations [it’s life lessons]

Don’t worry…

You’ll be better

You’ll do great things than before

You’ll be the best more than ever

You’ll be fine even more

But sometimes…

It’s okay to fail for you’ll learn to improve

It’s okay to get rejection for you’ll learn to accept

It’s okay to be weak when you’re exhausted

It’s okay to be lonely when you’re agitated

Don’t ever stop believing

Don’t ever stop dreaming

Don’t ever stop saying

‘The world might disapproves atleast God approves’

After all, God is the one who holds your dreams.

For He is Higher and Bigger than it is.

What stopping God to bless you?

What stopping God to love you?

What stopping God to care for you?

What stopping God to embrace you?

 “If God is for us, who can be against us?”