Fat body, dark complexion, pimples on the face and many more imperfections people used to throw towards me.

Growing up with a lot of imperfection builds low self-esteem. It made me feel less than others. It places insecurities in my heart. I felt that I don’t belong and people doesn’t like me.

I came to a point where I have to please the people around me. That their approval is important. That who I am will depend on their critics and comments.

But! I was wrong! I became so earthly that I only thought of what the eyes can see and not what the heart can feel. Physical beauty fades but the inner kindness of the heart lasts a lifetime.

Since then, I embrace my own imperfections. I do things I want and express myself in a way that made me and others happy. I did a mindset that I am living for God’s approval and not for people’ approval. In my imperfection, is where I am love perfectly.

This crazy world can give us so much reasons to hate ourselves for not fitting in, but remember that each and everyone of us are unique in our ways.

Truly, I should not fit in, because I am born to stand out from the crowd and make a name that will mark in everybody’s heart.