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As I traveled back to my hometown from a three-day seminar, I was peacefully browsing my news feed when a friend of mine posted a big achievement that made her happy. She got a promotion. Another FB post appeared and it’s all about a wedding proposal. Others announced their pregnancy journey.

Thinking about it, most of them are my batchmates. We are just the same age. Yet, I’m still here, inside my box. Pondering my inner thoughts, how did they get into this stage so easily? I pause and asked myself, “When will it be my turn?”, When will I fulfill my promise to my family that I will help them to improve our situation in life? When will I experience being on the top?

A sudden flashback came to my mind.

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Before, I was praying for this job. I envisioned myself that I am teaching students who need love and care.

Thinking about my life now, I am that far in the situation compared to where I am. I realized that life is not a race to finish. It’s not about who will be the first to achieve their dreams. It’s not about failing. It’s about experiencing the slow-paced life and I’m sure that it is all part of His plan. We all know that God’s plan is the perfect timing and we can say that victory is ours if we trust Him with His plans.

I learned how to celebrate my small wins every day. I learned how to count all my blessings. I knew that my slow progress is still progress.

It’s His way of saying to embrace all our anxieties, failures, and fears and learn how to trust Him.

It takes a little patience and a whole lot of faith but we all know that God’s perfect timing will be all worth it.

I am not afraid of going slowly.

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