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I looked up to the sky painted in colors
but it’s not the same anymore.
I visited my favorite place
but I feel there’s a void which I ignore.
I ordered my most love food
but it doesn’t taste like before.
I played the song that top in my playlist
but it makes me sad even more.
I glanced at the shop that I used to visit
but memories come up as I see the reflection on the glass doors.
I bought some cake for comfort
but it made my appetite feels like being tore.
I used to be moved by the sea
by the sound of the waves
as the sun saying hi to me.
But now the thrill? I am not sure.
I used to love the silence of the night
but it’s the time which I now mostly endure.
I tried more and some more
but it’s still it just never feels like what it used to before.
I may be stuck in this phase now
but I know soonest, one day
I will wake up with a smile plaster on my face.
I will see a merrier version of me.
Looking forward on what is in store for me.

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