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When I was a kid i thought of love in a figure of a prince charming who was willing to save me from all kinds of danger. When I was grade school, i thought if love in the form of my childhood crush who sent me cheesy notes from the back of his notebook. When i hit highschool I thought of love in a vision of a suitor who has the guts to serenade me in the middle of the campus. When I was in my 20s I thought that love was in a form of a boy who can make me believe that he loves me. All I can say now is that I was terribly wrong in all phases of my life in my assumptions of how love can be because its deeper than that.
I have loved the wrong persons and they terribly did hurt me alot. And I blamed myself for being too “plain” and “boring”, because I do not plan ever to commit something I would be regretting afterwards. I tried lowering my standards for a guy because i thought maybe love could patch everything on my list, but still I was wrong. After 24 years of existence, finally I realized what Im doing was wrong.

When I met you, i cannot believe my eyes that the exact figure of a man whom I prayed for all my life would ever be encountering me in that moment. And it made me question myself why did I settled for those worldly men who didnt even know the true meaning of love. Now I know…

Love must be in the figure of God who loves you more than the depths of the ocean, wider than the universe itself, who can see through all the hearts of men, and who can give you the exact person on your list of ideals. Love doesnt settle for the world for it lies in eternity, because no measure of time could ever be enough to spend with a person you love. Love knows no measure of distance because it overcomes whats physical because its not all about the flesh its all about the soul. Love cannot seek the appearance because it looks for the heart. and finally, Love is where God is, because God is the perfect figure of love that should remind us everyday on how love should be and will always be.

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