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I admire your maturity and personality. I find it mysterious when you are quiet and intelligent when you are chatty. You are sincere in helping other people—you share what you know. As I get to know you, the more this feeling becomes stronger. But the more I worry…the more I realize you are too precious to be mine. Why would a man who seems to have everything dare to choose someone who’s just starting to figure things out in her life? We’re standing at different stages of life: I’m studying, you’re earning.

There’s nothing I could ask for. You are everything that I ever wanted. A man of God. You are family-oriented, someone who deeply cares for other people, someone who prioritizes mental health (like I do). I imagine walking down the aisle towards you, sharing one home, building our family with Jesus at the center. I know I’m okay as long as you are with me. How beautiful my home could be if you were the head of the family. 

But no, it’s not time yet. Everything is not ready yet. I want to grow more, to mature more, to become more patient, to become stronger, to help expand God’s kingdom here on earth, and to seek God more and become the woman He wants me to be. There are things I want to develop in myself—in all aspects. And besides, I’m young and i have plenty of time. No need to rush because I’m not running out of time.

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But you: you are capable and ready, and I’m well aware that anytime soon, you can have a partner that would last for a lifetime—and I’ll be forgotten.

But darling, is it selfish to hope to be the one for you? It’s killing me to think that you’ll move forward and might forget that, for once, I’ve become your muse.



Cover photo art: Stay by Reynier Llanes

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